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Elliott Randall, Steely Dan's premier guitarist, playing his custom Apollo.  This guitar's body is made with Pinewood which has been treated with our Green technology, helping to save the hardwood forests of the world.  Pickups: Bare Knuckle's Stormy Monday Humbuckers -very '1957/8  PAF (ish).

The first "Byrne's & Noble" headstock Apollo.

Josh McClorey of the Strypes, test-driving his custom made BJ&B Apollo with a sinle coil Strat set-up.

The Robbin Thompson Band (After a 15 year battle with cancer, we lost Robbin in October 2015. Robbin brought a dynamic to our team which cannot be replaced and will be sorely missed. We continue to work on and finish the development of Robbin's last novel idea, which was an invention within the accessories line of the guitar manufacturing industry and we hope to unveil it in 2020)

This custom BJ & Byrne Cavern was made for Robbin (standing right) but Velpo Robertson (One of those guys who just makes it look so easy!!) is playing it here at a 4th of July benefit.  (Sorry for the shaky/blurry camera work)

This is the first BJ & Byrne acoustic guitar made of Pine after having been treated with wood hardening technology.  This is not the same Green technology we use today, though a good one, we are extremely impressed with our current  technology.

Henry Parker, trying out his new Custom BJ & Byrne 'Apollo' moments after receiving it.  Keep your eyes peeled for this up and coming 19 year old Brit, he's a natural talent!! 



Henry Parker featured his custom Apollo in his official video "Red Fox" - check out the spaceship around 3:30 mins in.


'Thanks Henry !! Well done !!

Watch Henry's Red Fox Video....

Take notice at around 3:30, the Fox's space ship turns into Henry's custom made BJ & Byrne Apollo...


Creepy Clowns Break into BJ & Byrne Guitar Factory
Acoustic Guitar using Accoya wood
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