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Acoustic Prototype


We have been experimenting with many different wood technologies to enhance or replace traditional tone woods for making Acoustic guitars since 2002. Currently we have been extremely happy with a technology that treats Pine, Red Alder and Beech for the Back, Sides, Neck and fingerboards.  We have also been successful in treating Sitka Spruce soundboards, which given the technology's particular chemistry, is a bit of a trick.  However, the results are phenominal !!  Imagine a Spruce soundboard that was dimensionally stable and did not absorb any moisture in humid climates and did not dry and crack in the winter or in extremely dry climates... AND sounds fantastic !  


Below is a clear finished treated Pine wood back and sides with a back center panel of Red Alder and a Pine Neck with a Beech fingerboard and bridge.  Inside the guitar is treated Red Alder bracing on the back, treated Sitka soundboard bracing with end blocks of treated Pine. 

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