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Out of Phaze P/Us
Elliott Randall playing the very first "GREEN" BJ&B
Another Satisfied Customer !! 
Custom Apollo for Josh McClorey of The Strypes - First and only (so far) Apollo with a three single coil Strat set-up.  Josh is a big Rory Gallagher fan so we dropped in some Bare Knuckle Irish Tour hand wound jems to help him channel one of his influences.
The Late, Great Robbin Thompson playing the first BJ&B Acoustic prototype guitar at the Governor's Mansion in Richmond, Virginia, after the signing into law of his Sweet Virginia Breeze being named as the official State Song of Virginia.  (Note: Robbin co-wrote the song with the very talented Steve Bassett, seen above on the keyboard).

First Cavern with the Deluxe Humbucker set-up

Workshop in Virginia (Outside)

Workshop in Virginia (Inside)

Custom Troubadour

An All-Accoya made Apollo for Fritzoe Engros in Norway which was raffled off at their summer's music Festival in 2017.

Body:  Pine Accoya 

Neck: Reda Alder Accoya

Fingerboard: Beech Accoya

Pick-Ups: Bare Knuckle (Stormy Mondays)

               Our Very First Custom Bass

              "Precision BassOne"  ("PBO")

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