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Elliott Randall, best known for his iconic guitar solos as Steely Dan's premier guiarist on hits like Reelin' in the Years and Green Earrings, and for "Fame" (the motion picture), Elz has recorded and performed with The Doobie Brothers, Carly Simon, Seatrain, The Blues Brothers, Carl Wilson, Richie Havens... the list goes on and on !


Pictured here with his custom BJ & Byrne Apollo which is also part of  The Green Thing family since it is made out of Pine.  Elliott even entitled  a song, "Apollo" on a recent CD where this guitar is featured.  To learn more about what Elliott's been up to lately go to 

The Late Robbin Thompson's  musical career expands over 30 years.  He was the lead singer in the Bruce Springsteen band Steel Mill, won The American Song Festival twice and recorded more than 12 albums.  in 2010 Robbin got the old band back together (The Robbin Thompson Band) and played to sold out audiences a 30 year reunion concert series, that continued to his death in 2015.


He co-authored (with Steve Bassett) the song Sweet Virginia Breeze which became the official state pop song of Virginia by an act of the Virginia State Legislature and signed into law by the Governor in July of 2015.  He has also written and recorded songs with The Eagles bassist Timothy B. Schmit.  Robbin has shared the stage with many great recording artists including Bob Dylan, Bonnie Raitt, Crosby, Stills, Nash, Bruce Springsteen, and Bruce Hornsby among others.   He's pictured here with his custom BJ & Byrne Cavern. 

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BJB Stu with Apollo.JPG

Stu Morse, front man for Phoenix’s “The Painted Cave Band.”  Stu has been pumping out rocking tunes most of his life. Who can forget classics such as ‘Santa Barbara Girl”, “Internet Lizzie”, or the dancecrowd pleaser, “Dream Dancer”.


The Painted Cave Band is one of Arizona’s best loved party bands and has been described as “Cuter than The Rolling Stones, Uglier than The Beatles". Stu is pictured here with his custom BJ & Byrne Apollo.  (Also pictured on the Home page with his BJ & Byrne Troubadour). 


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Henry Parker is one of the most talented new guatarists on the scene today.  Seen here receiving his Custom Apollo.


The buzz surrounding twenty-something Henry Parker is electric. In 2006, he picked up a guitar for the first time, and in just weeks, he was playing blues, jazz, rock and country numbers fluently, blowing away most guitarists three times his age.  

With a stunning set of well-crafted songs, electric stage presence and a musical style that cuts a nod to all the guitar greats, Henry Parker is set to spearhead a true rock revival. His highly acclaimed live performances are hailed by young and old audiences alike and bear the Parker trademark of passion, power, and incredible guitar virtuosity.

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